She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short.

I’ve been staying in the past couple nights and I’ve enjoyed it. I think I’m going to slow down with going out and drinking every night. It’s just so boring now going down town every night. It’s the same shit. Staying in I’ll be able to save money, read the books I’ve been wanting to, start crafting, and just better my body. Too bad my friends always go out.

if anyone wants to hang and not go downtown every single night, hit me up.

Why can’t it be easy to just pick up and move. Just travel. Why does money have to be such an issue for everything?




flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing?

lookin 4 tha party

single and ready to flamingle 

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So I learned not to talk to someone on Facebook if you don’t have many friends in common. This guy with an attractive picture kept messaging me. He then started being super obsessive and annoying. Ran into a girl last night I know and was a mutual friend and she told me he’s actually a 50 year old rapist who is under investigation. I hate Facebook.

This song right now.

It sucks being alone during this. 

Worst 24 hours and counting. I feel so weak and just want to stay in bed. I wish anything else was wrong with me except this. Ya never think it can happen to you. 

Kíli in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Blah I feel stuck here. I don’t think I can stay for over another year. All I do is work, then nap, then stay up all night, and repeat. I’m in a rut and I want out. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my life away. Summer hurry up so I can leave for a while. 

I feel so hurt and betrayed. Why did I let this happen again. I’ve never cried so much. It’s pathetic.

I’m starting to think I probably should have taken that internship. I mean, good things have happened since I’ve stayed here this summer. I’ve had some great times with my friends and got a wonderful new puppy. I still don’t have a job though. SOMEONE HIRE ME. I need money. I need money to save so I can move in a year. I’ve decided even if I don’t get an internship for next year that I will at least move out West somewhere even if I’m just working at a Petco. I do need to get out of this town. I’m actually currently trying to look into jobs in Wyoming and Montana. I also have this stupid online class keeping me from Graduation. English 300 sucks. I hate writing papers. 

Why do I have to do this crap? Why can’t I just pack up and move and live in the wilderness with my pup Penny? I just want to travel dang it. Job or no job, I will be moving out West no later than probably March of 2014. This ain’t just talk either.